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Private Client

Diagrid Group’s Private Client practice is designed to address the needs of ultra-wealthy clients and their complex financial situations.

Designed for clients with investable assets of $10m+

The most successful individuals and families need access to the most sophisticated strategies and professional advice. For these clients, we put together a robust plan that is fully customized according to their unique needs, goals, and opportunities. We work proactively with existing advisors, and when additional resources are needed, we leverage our extensive network to bring the right experts to the table. The result is a coordinated team with a common goal of optimizing the client’s financial world.

Our Private Client team is proud to be affiliated with Baird Family Wealth, providing us with exclusive access to a full suite of in-house capabilities and bespoke solutions for clients with multigenerational wealth. To learn more about Baird's Family Wealth , please visit our Baird Family Wealth page.



Customized, tax-efficient portfolio construction in accordance with client’s cash flow needs and holistic financial plan. Includes discretionary accounts, private investments, and alternatives.



Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of advanced planning strategies. Common areas of focus include income tax planning, legacy planning, asset protection, charitable giving, business succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, and family governance.



Help clients save time and live their best life by linking them to services such as concierge medicine, cybersecurity, personal safety, and travel

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