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AGC Southwest Chapters
Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan

Beginning with just a few companies in 2010, this plan has grown to 120+ companies and over $450 million in assets, making it the largest AGC plan in the country.

Plan Highlights

  • If you currently sponsor a 401(k) plan, you or members of your company are likely listed as named trustee, fiduciary, and plan administrator on your IRS 5500 filing. In this plan, we remove that burden and potential liability from you.

  • If your company has a 401(k) plan with over 100 eligible employees, you're paying for a costly annual audit. In this plan you will no longer bear that cost.

  • As a standalone 401(k) plan, your company will have to submit a 5500 filing to the Department of Labor every year. In this plan, that responsibility is removed as there is only one 5500 filing for all 120+ companies in the plan.

  • Depending on the size of your plan, you could be incurring participant fees, additional asset charges, or other miscellaneous fees. Economies of scale decrease costs in a multiple employer plan.

  • In this plan you are giving up fiduciary responsibility as it relates to investments in the plan. A committee of your peers from several general contractors meet quarterly to oversee the plan and its investment choices.

  • The size of our plan may allow for a higher level of attention than what you may experience from your provider. No matter the size of your plan, joining this plan increases simplicity for your company and can enjoy the advantages of a larger plan.

  • All 120+ companies in the plan have a unique plan designs with their own custom matching contributions and eligibility requirements. There are no amendment fees if your company ever needs to adjust the plan design.

  • According to 401ksource every single company in our plan is currently priced in the lowest quartile for companies of comparative size. We're happy to conduct a cost comparison for your company upon request.

    *as of 11/1/2022