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From Sale to Startup to Super-Funding 529s

Client Centered

36-year old anticipates netting $25m from sale of software company. Goals include traveling with wife and three young children in short-term, making sure kids' college educations are paid for, and seeding a new startup with his business partner.

Diagrid Group introduces M&A advisor to facilitate sale of business, concierge travel team to plan and arrange family's dream vacation, and legal/tax counsel to advise on corporate structure for new business. Assists client with determining how much to invest in new venture without jeopardizing long-term financial plan, and introduces client to strategy of super-funding 529 plans without incurring gift taxes.

Stress testing reveals opportunity to fund Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust to enhance wealth transfer via tax-free growth outside of client's estate, mitigating future estate tax liability.

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