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ASW Pre-Payroll Checklist Best Practices

Pre-Payroll Checklist

We recommend the following tasks be completed prior to submitting payroll each pay period:

Run a “Changes to Contribution Rate” report from Transamerica’s website
This will help ensure new enrollment and deferral changes are included on the file upload. Please see the Employer “Reports” tab.

Run a “Loans Issued” report from Transamerica’s website
This will help ensure new loans are established and payments will begin in a timely manner and in accordance with the amortization schedule. Please see the Employer “Reports” tab.

Add New hires
Full census data for all employees receiving W-2 compensation should be included on first payroll following hire date. *

Add Rehire dates
All employees who were terminated and have returned to company need to be included.

Add Termination dates
Termination dates should be included.

Employee is transferred/moved to another company or department within the company or control group.
Notify Pinnacle and Transamerica via email to and to remove a Termination Date that was erroneously included on a payroll file. Termination dates can only be removed manually.

*Not including employee data on first payroll file submitted may result in employee not receiving enrollment kit, other information regarding the plan and possibly result in compliance issues.

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